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Tips for Being a Great Dog Sitter

You love your dog, but that probably means you love other dogs, too! Whether you're getting to dog-sitting as a job or you're watching a friend's dog for the weekend, we're here with some helpful tips. Here's how you can be a great dog sitter.

Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask the dog's owner plenty of questions! While you may feel experienced with your dog, every pup is different. You can never ask too many questions when it comes to getting information from the dog's owner. Do they like to play? Do they need attention? Do they need encouragement to go potty? The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you'll be able to make the dog you're looking after. 

Introduce Other Pets

If you're dog sitting in your own house, then you should take the time to introduce the dog to your other pets, if you have any. Make the introduction outside your house, like in your yard, and then eventually bring both dogs inside the house. This will help curb any territorial behavior that your dog might have. If you have cats, just be sure that they're able to hide if they prefer not to be around the new dog. 

Write Things Down

Don't be afraid to write information down! If the dog you're watching has a specific potty or eating schedule, you want to make sure you stick to it. Write down important information, even if you think you'll remember. Write down when they get fed, how much, how often they need to go out, and other information that is important to get right.

Take Responsibility

You have to take responsibility for the dog you're watching, even if they're not yours! If you are walking your dog or going to the dog park, be sure to take charge and give them commands if needed. If they think that nobody's in charge, they might misbehave!

Give The Owner Updates

When you're away, you love getting updates on your pup, just as most dog owners do! When you're dog sitting, be sure to give the owners updates so that they know what's going on. Whether this is in the form of texts on what they're doing or in the form of pictures or videos, the owners will love to see how they're doing! 

Spend Time With Them

Even if they owner only asks you to check in on the dog for food and potty breaks, you should make sure to spend as much time with them as you can. That's because, as you know, pups love their human friends! So if you have free time, make sure that you're devoting plenty of it to not just checking in on the dog you're sitting, but spending time with them, as well. 

The best rule to follow is: treat any dog you're dog-sitting as your own! 

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Jenna Gomes