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5-Tips for Living in a City w/ your Furry Companion

5-Tips for Living in a City w/ your Furry Companion

Living in a city with a dog can be challenging.  But with love, intention and puppy focused routines -- owning a backyard doesn't have to be a 'must' before becoming a pup-parent. 



Having a few special friends for our city doggos can go a long way to ensure their happiness. Here are a couple suggestions to help you get social together.


Dog Parks

All cities have them - finding the right one is key! 🐾

Choose a park that suits you and your dog best (preferably one that’s calm, clean and frequented by responsible pet owners). Then, make it a routine to visit at least once a week - this way, your pup is more likely to run into the same dogs and establish long-term friendships! Socializing is especially important when your dog is still young, when learning from other dogs is most important.


Play Dates:  

Ever notice how your dog naturally gravitates and plays well with certain dogs? 

Maybe your friend owns a playful pooch, or you met a neighbor with an adorable goldendoodle. Strike up a conversation and set up a walk or outdoor get-together! If the dogs get along as well as the humans do, then congrats - you’ve found their pupmate for life.


Breed Clubs:  

#WestiesInTheWest #BerneseInBoston #CorgiCon - all real, all totally awesome. 

You name the breed and city, and there’s probably a meetup group or community to connect with. Just like birds of a feather flock together, dog owners love getting their breeds together for cute photo ops and scheduled playtime with like-minded pooches. No breed club in your area? Consider this your sign to start one.


2] Creative Ways to Tire Our Your Pup


Stop to Sniff

Dogs love to track scents! It allows them to use their brain for an activity that challenges them, and tires them out. Make sure to build a walk schedule that allows both you and your pup the chance to stop and smell the roses.   


Make Meal Time, Play TIme.  Or a challenge

Check out THIS hack from one of our favorite YouTube trainers, Racheal Fusaro on how she turns ‘meal-time’ into 2-hours of enjoyment for her new puppy.  




An at home dog potty can be extra convenient for those of us who live in city apartments.  Late night walks can be dangerous and early morning potty needs can sometimes come... well just a little too early.

Bathroom needs can sometimes be inconvenient for pet-parents without easy access to a backyard. But they don't have to be. Incorporating a ‘designated potty-spot’ on your balcony or in your apartment will help save a lot of frustration -- and maybe even your carpets.



If you’re looking for a dog loving partner for you and your fur-child… look no further. Dig ‘the dog person's dating app’ is a must try. Plus, planning a first date that revolves around your dog is encouraged -- so what do you have to lose?


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Laurie Feld

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Laurie Feld