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Top Dog Books

With (hopefully) plenty of time to relax this summer, you'll want a great book to read by the beach. And if you're a dog lover, why not pick up a book about your favorite type of furry friend? Here are some of the top doggy books out there right now:

Let Me Tell You About Jasper by Dana Perino

This book is an inspirational tale about how a dog who can get its owner through just about everything - from political conflicts to stardom. Plus, there are adorable pictures of Jasper throughout the book. 

Rescue Me by Richard Pibbs

If you're looking for an inspirational, non-fiction read, Rescue Me will give you all the feels. This book was put together by photographer Richard Phibbs, who compiled photos of adopted dogs over a three-year period. Along with pictures of adorable pups, there are stories of their journey. 

Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell by Alexandra Horowitz

Want to get inside a dog's head? This book is perfect for that! Horowitz's book is all about how dogs perceive the world through their strongest sense - their sense of smell. It's an innovative book about how the air and its smells can hold endless information. 

A Dog's Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron 

W. Bruce Cameron is the infamous author of A Dog's Purpose. Just like his first book, A Dog's Way Home is incredibly moving and tells the story of  a dog and an owner separated - and the strong bond that has the potential to bring them back together. 

The Dog Who Saved Me by Susan Wilson

Probably all of the books will bring on these tears, but this one is sure to. It tells the story of a Boston K-9 Unit Officer who loses his furry best friend in the line of duty. Convinced not to get his heart broken again, Officer Harrison does everything he can not to fall in love with a yellow lab he finds. Hint: It doesn't work. 

Now grab a blanket, your pup, and one of these books for a relaxing summer day.

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