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Trendy Dog Halloween Costumes for 2017

Love Halloween? If you do, your pup probably loves it, too (or at least you want them to). If you're still struggling to think of a costume for your pup for Halloween, no worries, we're here to help! And not only do we have great costume suggestions, but we have also have trendy, relevant ideas for 2017.

Pennywise from It

You're sure to see lots of Pennywises this year becuase of the new It movie that got everyone talking. But while you might see multiple human Pennywises, you probably won't see many dog ones. Be the first! Dressing your dog up as King's famous scary clown is a great way to reference the movie without feeling like it's overdone. Look for a clown vest or suit that will fit them and find some kind of headband that will look like his fluffy, creepy hair. Just be sure to remind people that your pup is actually very friendly and probably won't pull you into a sewer...

Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

These were all the rage earlier in the year. Though many protested, saying it was a little ridiculous, just as many people sipped on this frap themselves. Turning your pup into this famed drink will surely get you laughs. Plus, it adds a little something extra to the stereotypical unicorn costume. You can find a headband with a unicorn horn and print off some iron-on Starbucks decals for that rainbow shirt your dog never wears.

A Sanderson Sister from Hocus Pocus

It was just announced that the famed Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, is getting a reboot. Plus, the Sanderson Sisters Halloween costumes have come to Halloween stores everywhere. So it would definitely be trendy to dress your pup up as one of the Sanderson Sisters. The only question is: are they a Mary, Sarah, and Winnifred? Whatever sister you go with, you can follow their color scheme and even bring a little prop broom (or vacuum?) along.

Remember, it's fun to dress up your pup, but always put their comfort at the forefront! Never go too crazy with your pup's costume if they're going to be uncomfortable. Now get out there and enjoy Halloween with your furry best friend.

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Jenna Gomes