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Veggie Dogs

There are always new diet trends and fads, but a vegetarian diet has always remained popular. Whether people choose a vegetarian diet for weight loss, ethical reasons, or for dietary restrictions, it has been proven that vegetarian diets (if done right) can be just as fulfilling as meat-filled diets. If you're a vegetarian, you might want your pup to be, too. And as it turns out, your pup can be a vegetarian!

A recent Los Angeles Times article discussed a proposal by the Los Angeles Animal Services Board to switch dogs in all L.A. shelters to a plant-based diet instead of meat-based. This move comes from the opinion of many veterinarians that plant-based foods are actually better for dogs. 

While many people hold the opinion that dogs need meat, some studies have proved otherwise. Dr. George Fahey, head of animal and nutritional sciences laboratories at the University of Illinois, says that nothin'-but-veggies can be just fine for pups.

However, this doesn't just mean that your dog can chomp on some celery. A vegetarian-based dog diet still needs powerful nutrients. By Dr. Fahey's suggestion, these can come from yummy foods like corn and soybeans. These two foods alone provide enough vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and carbohydrates to satisfy a dog's daily needs.

Of course, there are still those who oppose it. Most veterinarians are in agreement that substantive plant-based diet is just as healthy for pups, but because it's so healthy, it improves a dog's digestion, which leads to more bathroom time and more cleanup in shelters. 

However, the benefits of a vegetarian diet still seem to outweigh any consequences. Most dog foods that contain meat list things like "chicken meal" as the main ingredient, which means that pup might not be eating straight meat, but instead things like brains, hooves, and snouts.

If you're interested in making your dog a veggie dog (no, not that kind), here are some popular (and healthy) vegetarian dog foods that have gotten the thumbs up from vets:

  • V-Dog
  • Halo
  • Natural Balance Vegan Dog Food
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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes