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Welcome to Barktober

Okay, we meant *October* but Barktober sounds much cuter! This month is full of doggy holidays that you can celebrate with your pup, or with other pups! Check out some of October's big doggy holidays.

Adopt-A-Dog Month - This holiday is basically what it sounds like - it's about adopting a dog! This was founded by the American Humane Association in 1981 to encourage adoption instead of buying from pet stores or breeders. They give a few suggestions for how to celebrate, like: adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group, supporting our local shelter, IDing your dog, or spaying/neuturing your dog.

Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month - Similarly, the ASPCA has made October the month for adopting shelter dogs. This isn't the exact same thing as the Humane Association's "Adopt-a-Dog Month." It also encourages adoption, but also encourages those celebrating to be vocal and raise awareness about homeless dogs and cats. It also encourages people to take the pledge of "Not Pet Store Puppies" to help combat puppy mill cruelty.

National Animal Safety and Protection Month - This is quite easy to celebrate, simply be the best doggy parent you can be! You can also celebrate this by helping to educate kids, family members, or neighbors about animal safety. This includes keeping animals safe and acting safely to avoid animal outlash or violence. Remember to always keep your dogs on leashes in public and have a safe, fenced-in backyard if you let them run around outside.

National Pet Wellness Month - Another way you can celebrate October is with pet-health. Take you doggy for a check-up, annual shots, or anything else to make sure they're the healthiest pup they can be! Help friends by suggesting vets that they can take their own pups too. And be sure to practice everyday pet health by giving your doggy the right amount of food every day and making sure they're clean and healthy. 

National Pit Bull Awareness Month - This comes right off the heels of the Montreal pit bull ban. Thankfully, that ban was indefinitely suspended! That's great for Pit Bull Awareness Month, which is all about educating people about pit bulls and taking away some of those pit bull stereotypes that are still out there. If you have a pit bull, boast about them on social media and tell the world just how sweet they really are. 

National Service Dog Month - Service dogs are essential in our society. They help so many people, like people who have physical disabilities who have eyesight problems or are epileptic. Service dogs can also help those with mental illness, as well, like those with anxiety or PTSD. Therapy dogs can help them feel calm and at ease.

There are so many ways to celebrate dogs this October! How will you do it?

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes