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What Thanksgiving Leftovers Can My Dog Have?

If you have leftovers after Thanksgiving, you might have the urge to share them with your pup! If you do share some snacks with them after Thanksgiving Day, just be sure to stay smart about it. Here are some Thanksgiving leftovers that are okay to share with your dog after stuffing (haha) yourself:

Turkey Meat

Turkey is totally fine for dogs to have, they simply can't have any skin. However, the meat is totally fine for your pups, specifically white turkey meat. Just leave that skin and gravy out of the equation. 


Tearing off a little piece of your baked dinner roll will be fine for your pup. However, it's very important to keep unbaked bread away from dogs, as the yeast in it can be very dangerous. So go ahead and keep the unbaked bread out of reach and share that leftover dinner roll with your dog. 

Cranberries/Raw Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries are a delicious fruity Thanksgiving snack that's okay for your pup to share with you. If the cranberries are part of a natural sauce without much sugar - perfect! But it the sauce is packed with sugar or butter, it might be best to only share a very small amount.


There's a reason pumpkin is found in a lot of dog food. Any form of pumpkin is fine your dog to have, as long as it's not baked into a sugary dessert, or coming from a can that has spices in it. Raw pumpkin straight from the can, however, is totally fine for pup. 

Steamed Veggies

Steamed veggies (that aren't loaded with butter) are the pawfect snack for your dog to have. Your dog will love the taste of green beans and asparagus, even if they aren't seasoned!

Just remember - even though these foods are doggy-friendly, you still want to give them everything in moderation! While it's okay to give your pup a special treat once in a while, human food shouldn't be a regular occurance. Either way, they'll be grateful that you didn't finish your meal - and grateful to have a fresh grass potty to relieve themselves on after their meal!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes