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Why Does My Dog Need a Fresh Patch?


Whether you're welcoming a new puppy home or you're just looking for new options for your dog that's already at home, it's never a bad time to try Fresh Patch. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a Fresh Patch (or two!) to your home. 

1. Emergencies

Though we love our pups and all of their imperfections, Fresh Patch eliminates the mess that comes with those imperfections. Some dogs can't hold it as long as others, or some dogs might have an emergency when they don't have the chance to get outside. Fresh Patch makes emergencies less stressful on your pup and less stressful on you, since you won't have a mess to clean up.

2. Potty Training

Fresh Patch is a great tool for potty training. With Fresh Patch's help, potty training your pup can be much easier. Since puppies have to go potty a lot, incorporating a Fresh Patch into their routine can help their tiny bladders and can help instill good potty habits in them from a young age. 

3. For Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, the chance that they'll have bladder issues increases. A Fresh Patch can help get them used to their new potty schedule, which might include more frequent potty breaks as they get older. Sometimes, issues with bladder control can occur in old age as well, and if your dog has fresh grass nearby to go on, they're more likely to use that instead of your carpet as a last-minute potty solution.

4. Long Days At Home

Not everyone has typical 9 to 5 shifts at work. If you work a 12-hour workday, or you're out of the house for longer than your dog can hold it, then a Fresh Patch is a great way for your dog to have a comfortable midday potty break. Without a Fresh Patch, they might have accidents on the floor or stress themselves out from trying to hold it. 

5. Rainy Days

While some pups love to splash in puddles, most are not big fans of a rainy day. If you have a dog that refuses to go outside when it's raining, you'll want a Fresh Patch in the house to help you out. Having a square of fresh grass inside your house is perfect for days when your dog refuses to use the fresh grass outside your house. It certainly beats standing in the rain and holding an umbrella over them while they search for a potty spot!


These are only some reasons why Fresh Patch can be a great fit for your family. Browse through our Fresh Patch selection to find the right fit for your dog and have them try it out for themselves!

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Jenna Gomes