January 24, 2017

Easter with Your Dog

Easter-time is here!  Whether or not you’re religious, Easter can be a fun holiday to celebrate, with the baskets and bunnies and egg hunts!  Here’s a few tips on how you can include your dog in on the holiday fun:

  • If you’re having dinner with the family, help your dog feel like part of it! Maybe give them an extra special dinner with some treats and maybe even a little ham (but not too much human food.)
  • Make your dog an Easter basket! You can just go to your local pet store and pick up their favorite treats and some toys.  Get a standard Easter basket and maybe even some kid’s toys that can double as dog toys (just make sure they’re safe/non-toxic)
  • Do an Easter egg hunt with your dog! If you have kids, they’ll love to participate!  You can use treats inside of plastic eggs.  Be careful about this; find durable eggs that won’t break/they won’t be encouraged to eat.  You can also use hard-boiled eggs, which is a great sense of protein for your dog!  Put them on a leash and walk them around, point to eggs to get their attention on it and something like, “What’s that?” in an encouraging voice.

If you celebrate Easter, there’s always ways to include your dog!  Have a happy holiday!

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