If your dog isn’t used to house training, and you’ve just ordered your own Fresh Patch, here are some a few small tips to get Fido acclimated.

  1. Establish a potty area.

Figure out where your Fresh Patch will go so your dog knows where to go every time. This leads to less confusion for them. If you used a different method of indoor training before, make sure to put your Fresh Patch in the same spot. Don’t ever change where it is placed unless you move and therefore have to.


  1. Keep your dog confined.

Whichever spot you pick for your Fresh Patch, make sure your dog is confined to that area when first training them. Free access to the house could mean more accidents. However, when your dog is in a smaller space with the Fresh Patch and therefore forced to notice it, they will recognize the grass as the correct area to go, since grass is what they go on outside!


  1. Take your dog to the patch regularly.

This simply reinforces the Fresh Patch as a “good” area for them to go. Putting them on a leash and taking them there will remind them of when you take them outside on a leash and they go in the grass.

And remember, always reward your dog when they go!