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Tails Wagging for "Max"

No, we don't typically do movie reviews here on the Fresh Patch blog but Max is one of the only movies that has come out recently that is all about a dog.  We feel we have to honor it!

Max is rated PG adveritsed as a family adventure movie.  But think twice before bringing very young kiddos to this. Hero dog Max is the main character, but the underlying theme of the movie revolves around war.  While there is no swearing, war is a bit intense of a subject for young kids to handle.

However, this movie is also a great way to teach older kids about the severity of war, told through canine eyes.  Personally, I'd recommend ages eleven and up see it.  It's a bit easier at that age to begin grasping it, as there are also side plots involving gun smugglers that can be confusing to kids.

But now let's get to the heartwarming part:  Max.  Max is a Belgian Malinois, played by four different dogs.  But their acting is so superb that you don't even notice the difference between them.  They get very into character.  Doggy method acting, anyone?

Max is a highly trained military dog who performs risky searches alongside his human partner, Kyle Wincott, a U.S. Marine.  After Kyle is killed in action, Max suffers from intense PTSD.  This is actually a very striking plotline because it reminds us that animals are just as likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as their human counterparts.  

Kyle's family takes Max in, and the dog begins to form a bond with Kyle's younger brother, Justin, who at first wants nothing to do with the dog.  From here, the movie turns into an action-adventure geared for kids to enjoy, but also with some heavy themes.  Max's bond and military instinct lead Justin and his friends on a mystery-solving expedition to "catch the bad guy."

In the end, while the plot is a bit all over the place, you can't help but have your heart warmed by the heroic actions of Max and the famous "man's best friend" bond.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes