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The Ultimate Seeing Eye Dog

Being a dog can be ruff.  

Jokes aside, the stray dogs have it especially hard compared to their furry friends who have loving homes.  Sometimes stray dogs can travel in packs, but more often than not, they are, unfortunately, loners.  It's hard for strays to find comfort and food, and it can even harder for them in brutal temperatures.  This is why most people are very open to helping strays, many residents of communities all around the world leave food and water out for dogs.

Buzz, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Glenn, a Jack Russell Terrier, were just two of these dogs.  The difference is, they weren't loners.  Buzz and Glenn were found together in a sea tunnel off the coast of Cleveland, England.  Buzz and Glenn were brought to Stray Aid, a rescue and rehoming center in northeast England.  They take in stray and abandoned dogs to help find them new and loving homes.  

When Buzz and Glenn were taken to Stray Aid, where they were both estimated to be about 9 - 10 years old.  After just some time with the two dogs, the workers at Stray Aid soon began to realize just how special these two were.  

Glenn was found to be blind, and Buzz fully understand this.  According to the shelter workers, Buzz helps Glenn in all ways that he can.  When Glenn didn't know where his food bowl was, Buzz nudged him towards it.  When Buzz is unsure if Glenn is heading into a dangerous situation, Buzz will follow him to protect him.  

Though Buzz helps Glenn in every way he can, Glenn can still cope with his lack of eyesight by himself.  Buzz just doesn't prefer it that way.  When the dogs are separated, they bark incessantly until they are reunited.  Because of their bond, Stray Aid is only looking for homes that are willing to adopt both dogs.  

Dogs aren't only seeing eye dogs for humans, but for each other!  Or at least in this special case they are.  

Dogs can make best friends, too, when put into the most difficult of situations.  Let's hope Stray Aid can find a loving home that will be willing to take both of these remarkable pooches.


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes