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5 Housebreaking Secrets

A new puppy or new dog is exciting!  But whether buying or adopting, your new dog might not be potty-trained.  And the consequences of this can be less than ideal.  Even with your Fresh Patch, your dog needs to be housebroken anyway, so they don't go anywhere besides the Patch!  If they're completely housebroken, it also makes it much easier to take them for car rides or visits to their doggy friends' houses.  
So here are some secret tips you might not have heard to keep your pup only going in the grass potty:
1. Don't take your eyes off your dog.  Seriously, keep an eye out for them at all times.  This way you are aware of when and where they are having an accident.  
2. Immediately, when your dog has an accident, scold them.  This will give them a negative association with the act.  Dogs go in the house when they feel comfortable doing so, but if they no longer feel comfortable, they won't do it.  This is is why it's important to watch them, as the scolding needs to happen immediately.  If you wait too long, they won't be able to make the association.
3. Establish a key phrase and a key spot you want them to go.  You can take them to a spot outside, or, if you're specifically training them for the Fresh Patch, take them to the patch.  Then use a key phrase you will always repeat.  
4. Use an odor neutralizer.  This will take away the smell from a spot where they have an accident.  It will not only make it more pleasant for you because you won't smell it, but that means your dog won't smell it.  And that will stop them from wanting to mark their spot there again.
5. Set up a feeding and watering schedule that you keep.  This sounds strict, but knowing when they eat and drink will help you know when they have to go.  Soon you'll start catching onto how long it takes them to digest and you'll know when they have to go out.
These are just a few tips, there are tons!  But the first step to training your dog to use their Fresh Patch is training them not to go anywhere else in the house.
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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes