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Celebrity Pet Feature - Augie, Wolf, and Kid

Ellen DeGeneres might be the most loved woman in America. I mean, there's not much you can dislike about Ellen. Her humor is amazing and she's incredibly... "Generes."

Okay, that was a bad joke, but you know what's not bad? Ellen and her wife Portia's love for animals. Last year, Ellen became a part of the pet food company Halo Purely for Pets, which is an all-natural pet food that is better for Fido and Kitty. 

Ellen said in an interview with People Magazine that she has loved animals since she could remember and even wanted to be a veterinarian when she was younger. 

So, how 'bout those dogs?

Wolf is the veteran of the family, after the sad passing of standard poodle Mabel in 2014. He's a poodle-Maltese mix and is a rescue straight from the street. Ellen saw a guy mistreating Wolf, swinging him around and hitting him. She offered the man money for the dog. The dog was smuggled from Mexico and was in poor condition at the time. Finally, Ellen convinced the man to hand Wolf over and he became a part of the family. 

Augie was adopted from a local L.A. shelter on Thanksgiving, but the Jack Russell has "some issues" according to Ellen. But they give plenty of love to him to help him along.

Kid is the newest edition, having been adopted only a month ago. His name is purposeful. "I named him Kid because... there's been rumors forever, when are you and Portia going to have a kid? And so now I can say... we have a Kid." Clever, Ellen. And Kid is just as adorable as a kid, too. He was only 9 weeks when they adopted him and he acts like just a baby, waking Ellen and Portia up at all times of the night!

Well, all of these pups are lucky to have moms like Ellen and Portia, and with Ellen around, you know they're constantly entertained.


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Jenna Gomes