January 24, 2017

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Celebrity Pet Feature - Lulu and Meeka

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum may be one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. But there's even more to love about them than their incredible acting skills, adorable couple pictures, and awesome dancing. They've got big hearts, too.

Their dogs, Lulu and Meeka, hold a very special place in their hearts. 

Lulu - Lulu is a pit-bull mix. She was adopted by Tatum at a shelter in his home state of Alabama when she was just seven months old. He adopted her while he was there filming the movie "Dear John." Just like her parents, she loves dancing, especially with Channing!

Meeka -  Meeka hangs out with Jenna a lot and even participates in photoshoots (but so does Lulu.) Meeka is a Japenese Spitz. Meeka is also a certified therapy dog!

The couple doesn't do much without their dogs. They take both pups, big and small, on hikes. Jenna Dewan-Tatum tweeted, “My dogs LIVE 4 their hikes," after a hike at Runyan Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. 

These pup parents are devoted, and take their pets with them through the airport, too! Lulu often makes appearances with her dad while they run on the beach. There's even a photo of the two sharing a smooch (hope Jenna isn't jealous!)

Their family loves the pups, too, and Meeka and Lulu often spend time with their grandparents going on long walks while the actor couple is busy on set. 

There's a lot more to love in some celebrities than just their acting! And these pooches definitely make the Tatum's even more lovable. 

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