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Best Apps for Puppy Parents

Best Apps for Puppy Parents

Have you welcomed a new puppy recently? Puppies can be as challenging as they are rewarding, but they're so worth it. Just like there are apps to help with language-learning or math skills, there's apps that help with pet-parenting, too! Here are some great phone and tablet apps that will help you with your puppy.


Pet First Aid from American Red Cross

This app, available on iOS and Android, is a great tool to help you when you have questions about your puppy's health. It serves as an emergency guide in case something goes wrong, can give you information on things your pet has ingested, and can answer general questions you might have about your pet's health. While you should *always* go to a vet when you're concerned about your pup, this can help you while you're waiting for that vet visit. 



It's never too young to start training your puppy. Puppr is an app that can help you teach your pup basic tricks like "sit" or "stay," as well as more complex tricks and skills. There are a variety of training videos, hosted by the dynamic human-dog duo, Sara and Hero, from America's Got Talent. 



One of the trickiest things bout being a pet owner is figuring out what to do when you're away. It's important that a new puppy has consistency and socialization, and that's where Rover can help. If you're going away for the weekend, or even if you have a long day at the office, Rover has a team of pet care providers that can watch your dog while you're gone or can take your pup on a midday walk.


Doggy Datez

It's good to build your dog's habits young, and this includes socialization with other puppies and adult dogs. While you can go to a dog park, this can be a risk with a young dog, as they might feel overwhelmed. The Doggy Datez app, however, allows you to connect with other pet parents in your area. You can set up play dates and find friends for your pup so that they can practice their socializing skills. 


And aside from apps, remember that Fresh Patch can be your best friend during those tough puppy potty training times. 

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