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Hot Weather Walking Tips

We're in the middle of the summer heat, and depending on where you are, that can mean extreme temperatures on some days. Here are some tips on how to keep your pup safe on hot days.

Stick to the Grass

Rather than walking your pup on the pavement on hot days, walk them in the grass. Find park spaces or suburban streets that have plenty of grass areas. This will ensure that your dog doesn't burn their paw pads on the pavement, which can get an average of degrees hotter than whatever temperature it is. 

Bring Water

If you do go on a walk on a hot day, be sure to bring water with you. There are collapsible bowls that you can bring with you that make it easy to give your pup water on-the-go. Carrying a small bag or backup with you so you can pack water is a smart move on hot days. 

Find Shade

If you have a usual route that's mostly in the sun, consider finding a shady spot, even if you have to drive to it. Looking for trees or forest trails is a great option because of the shade the trees provide - just don't pick trails that are too steep or labor-intensive!

Take Breaks

Even if your pup loves long walks, they might not realize that it's not great for them on a hot day. So if they insist on a walk anyway, be sure to take breaks. Find a bench to cool down on or a shady spot to sit every 15 minutes. This also gives you a chance to give them water. 

Remember, while your dog might love walks, it's crucial to think about their safety! Good luck on those hot days!

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Jenna Gomes