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Best Dog Moments of 2021

Best Dog Moments of 2021

With the year coming to an end, it's time to relive some of the best moments from 2021! Specifically, dog moments. Puppies have been getting us through this pandemic with their cheery and tail-wagging attitudes, so let's take a look at some of the best from this past year. 

Record-Breaking Claire

For the second year in a row, Claire the Scottish Deerhound won Best in Show at the iconic National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day. This is a rare feat, and the first time the same pup has won consecutively in 20 years. Go, Claire!

Tika the Iggy

This Italian Greyhound went viral quickly for her adorable modeling skills paired with a ridiculous voiceover. Tikka tries on different outfits and always has varying opinions, her most popular one being, "Love it, but couldn't wear it." This goofy girl is fun to watch and according to her owner, really doesn't mind the dress up time.

Sisu the Unicorn Stealer

You might remember this story from March, and if you do, it probably melted your heart. Sisu, a stray dog from North Carolina, kept sneaking into a Dollar General to snatch up his buddy - a fluffy purple unicorn. Sisu loved the unicorn so much that he tried to steal it five different times before he was taken to his shelter. Now, both Sisu and his unicorn have a happy home. 

Anything-For-My-Ducks Beauty

Adorable black lab, Beauty, became famous after a daring rescue mission. Beauty grew up with the family's pet ducks, and would do anything to save them, including fight off an alligator! While one of her duck friends lost his life in the battle, Beauty tried to scare off the gator and managed to save her other two duck pals. While she was injured in the process, she has since made a full recovery.

Noodles the Pug

Noodles started an infamous trend, and an important conversation about mental health! Sometimes, we just don't want to or can't get out of bed, and Noodles the Pug (found on TikTok) totally gets it. Noodles became famous for his owner declaring he either had "bones" or "no bones" on any given day, determined by if Noodles fell immediately back into his bed or stood up. He's stinking adorable, and the whole country totally got what Noodles was going through.


We can't wait to see what the 2022 dogs have in store for us!

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Jenna Gomes