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Best Dog Movies on Netflix

If you're looking to have a fun, dog-themed movie night, we're here to help! Here are some of the best dog movies you can stream right now on Netflix right now.

Cartoon Dog Movies

If you're looking for some fun cartoon movies that feature pups, here are some you should catch:

  • Balto - Even though this is a cartoon, it's based on a pretty inspirational story. The character of Balto is a half-wolf, half sled-dog that risks his life to save lives. This is a based on the actual 1925 sled-dog run that brought life-saving serum to Nome, Alaska.
  • White Fang - This movie is based off of the famous Jack Londo book that (just like Balto) tells the story of a wolf-dog. This movie follows the wolf-dog though his various owners and masters and has been praised for its beautiful visuals.

Live Action Dog Movies

If you're not in the mood for cartoons, check out these live action dog movies:

  • Benji (2018) - The classic book, Benji, about two siblings who befriend a stray dog, has been adapted for the screen a few times, including the class 1974 version directed by Joe Camp. For a more modern version, check out this recent Benji, which is directed by Brandon Camp, the original director's son! The 1974 version is also on Netflix if you want to watch it!
  • The Stray - This is a heartwarming story of stray dog, Pluto, that helps bring a family back together just when they're being ripped apart. It's based off of a true story of a family whose lives were truly changed by a stray dog.
  • Hotel for Dogs - If you're more in the goofy mood and not the heartwarming mood, this movie will do it for you! In this movie, two kids find a stray dog and, knowing that they can't take him home, secretly bring him to a vacant hotel.

No matter what movie you're in the mood for, it's sure to be a fun movie night with a dog-themed film and your pup by your side.

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Jenna Gomes