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Breed Feature - Jack Russell Terrier


From big to small, it's hard not to love every pup out there. This week, we're giving some extra attention to the adorable Jack Russell Terrier. 

What They're Famous For: Jack Russells are essentially famous for being adorable. Because of their irresistible faces, they're the stars of lots of movies. The movie My Dog Skip starring Frankie Munez featured a Jack Russell in the title role. In The Mask, Milo the Jack Russell serves as the ideal companion. And of course, the award-winning silent movie, The Artist was paws down the best Jack Russell role out there.

History: Jack Russells hail from England. They were bred to be working earth terriers, which means they helped their owners on the ground with various tasks (including sniffing out prey). In 2005, the breed was added to the Foundation Stock Service. After some hearings with the AKC, it was determined in 2012 that Jack Russell Terriers were eligible to compete in the Terrier Group until July 1st, 2017. 

Size: Small. Jack Russells weigh about 14 - 18 pounds and stand at 9.8 - 15 inches tall. 

Appearance: Jack Russell Terriers have a distinct appearance. While their coloring can vary between white, black & white, and white & tan, most terriers are white & tan. Many have tan coloring on their face and ears with a white stripe down the middle of their nose. Their tails are short and straight and their legs are short. 

Who They're Perfect For: Jack Russell Terriers have the potential to be perfect for anybody, especially because of their adorable faces. However, Jack Russells are a little dependent, so if you're especially busy, they might not be the perfect dog for you as they might get a little sad when you're away. Jack Russells also are good with other pets upon gradual introduction, as they tend to like to have the center of attention.

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Jenna Gomes