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Breed Feature - Keeshond

This week's breed feature is on the unique and furry Keeshond. 

What They're Famous For: These pups are known for their adorable fluffy look and their relationship to dogs like Norwegian Elkhounds and Pomeranians. They were so prominent in Holland in the 18th century that they got to be known as the "Dutch" Keeshond. 

History: The Keeshond is a breed that dates back many years. They have many close relatives like the Samoyeds, Huskies, Norwegian Elkhounds, and Pomeranians. The Keeshond emerged in Europe around the 17th century, travelling and arriving with Northern voyagers. They officially became recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930, under the plural name "Keeshonden."

Size: Medium. These dogs are bigger than the Pomeranian cousins but much smaller than their Husky cousins. They weigh up to 40 pounds and stand at about 18 inches tall. 

Appearance: Keeshonden are full of fluff. They have primarily black and tan fur. Most Keeshonden have a black snout and face while the rest of them is surrounded in a mix of black and tan fur. Their tails feature a distinctive curl.  

Who They're Perfect For: If you live in a cold environment, a Keeshond is perfect for you. That's because their fluffy fur insulates them even in colder temperatures. They originally come from frigid temperatures and are certainly meant to withstand it! They don't have extremely high energy, so they're good for people on-the-go. Make sure you have enough time to brush them twice a week because of their thick coats.

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Jenna Gomes