February 28, 2017

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Breed Feature - Tibetan Mastiff

Today we have a massive breed feature for you... okay, well, it might not be massive blog, but it will be a massive dog! It's the Tibetan Mastiff. 

What They're Famous For: The Tibetan Mastiff is known for being a large, fluffy dog. Their face in particular might be most famous, since it has that distinct solemn look. They are also known for their slightly, er, relaxed attitude, but more importantly, for their guard-dog abilities. 

History: While there are no accurate genetic records of the Tibetan Mastiff, its heritage is well-known. The first known Tibetan Mastiff was originally gifted to Queen Victoria by the Viceroy of India in 1847. This is why it was called "the large dog from Tibet" for quite a while before officially being named the "Tibetan Mastiff". Before the dogs came to America, they were highly prized by the people of Tibet. The Tibetan Mastiff  was first recognized by the AKC in 1996. 

Size: Is "Monster" a size? This dog is large, weighing in at a whopping 100 - 160 pounds for males and 75 - 120 pounds for females. They stand at about 30 inches tall. For the record, that's about the height of a Shetland pony. 

Appearance: Tibetan Mastiffs are extremely fluffy. They have long, course hair and come in many colors. A common color combination is the tan and black combination. They have a curly, fluffy tail that curls up to touch its back. Their face is long, and sometimes looks surprisingly sad.  

Who They're Perfect For: Tibetan Mastiffs are perfect for anybody who has enough room for them! While these dogs are totally okay with lounging around the house, they'll still want enough room to lay down. They're independent dogs, which means they're perfect for busy people. They're also great with kids. While they're large, their gentle, loving nature is ideal for the little ones.

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