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March Dog Holidays

The month of March is here and with it comes tons of doggy holidays. Here are some important dog holidays you can celebrate in March.

Poison Prevention Awareness Month - March is all about poison awareness. To help your pet avoid getting poison, you'll want to learn a little bit about how to prevent your pup from getting into anything poisonous. Some of the top things that can poison your pup are chocolate, mouse and rat poisons, vitamins and minerals, and NSAIDS (like ibuprofen and naproxen). You'll want to keep any human medications away from pups, even caffeine pills. The best way to prevent poisoning is to keep these items safely where your dog can't find them.

Professional Pet Sitters Week (March 5th - 11th)  - Pet sitters are very important. They make it possible for us to take vacations or trips and still have peace of mind about our dog. This week was founded by Pet Sitters International, one of the world's best organizations for professional pet sitters.  Pet Sitters International is a great resource for both pet sitters and those who seek pet sitters. Celebrate this week by checking out PSI's website, where you can find great sitters near you. 

Crufts (March 9th - 12th) - Okay, so this isn't exactly a doggy "holiday", but it is a lot of fun for dog owners and show dogs alike! Crufts, held in Birminghman, England, is the world's largest dog show. In the four days that Crufts takes place over, there are almost 28,000 dogs featured. If you don't live near Birmingham or aren't planning on a vacation, don't fret. You and your furry best friend can catch a livestream online. 

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