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Dear Santa Paws...

If your dog could write a letter to Santa, would you know what they'd be asking for? Well, thanks to some informants in the Santa Paws circle (we always knew we liked you, Dasher), here is a "real-life" letter to Santa Paws from Bruce the Bloodhound. If you're stuck on what to get your pup, Bruce's letter might just give you some ideas...

Dear Santa Paws,

My name is Bruce and this year I have been very nice. I only chewed up Mom's shoes once! She said they were 'Jimmy Choo's' so I figured they were meant for chewing anyway.

But since I have been so nice this year, I was wondering if you put some (or all) of these gifts by my dog bed this year. Or under the tree. I'll find them I promise!

I figured I would put them into some different categories because you're so busy and maybe it will be easier for you to read my letter if it's more organized. I'm trying to work on that organization thing since I keep forgetting where I put all of my squeaky toys. Anyways, here's my list!

For My Humans

Since I love my humans so much, I want them to have some gifts for me and for them. 

Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

My humans love taking pictures with me. I can't blame them, I am super cute. This is great because I love tennis balls and it looks like a tennis ball so I will look at the tennis ball while my humans take the picture and then everyone is happy. 

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower 

Sometimes my humans stop throwing the ball to me because they get tired. But if they have this, they can throw the ball FOREVER and I can chase the ball FOREVER.

For Me

Oh and here are the things on my wishlist just for me. 

Fresh Patch

I hear pretty great things about this! ;) Plus, if I need to go to the bathroom and my humans aren't home to take me out, I would much rather have real grass to go on.

In the Company of Dogs Warm Dog Throw

Sometimes on a chilly night, I just want to cuddle up on the couch! But of course, I'm not allowed... except if you get me this throw! It'll keep me warm and I won't even get my fur on the couch. 

H204K9 Doggy Water Bottle

I get reeeeeeally thirsty when I go out on walks. This water bottle has a cap that comes off and becomes a bowl for me so I can drink on the go even when there's no water around for me to drink from. 

For My Friends

Sometimes my friends are pretty nice to me, even the cat. Okay, well, sometimes she isn't completely mean to me . So you could also get these gifts for her. 

Catit Design Senses Massage Center

I guess this whole thing is a message center for a cat, so basically she can just be happy and massage herself and then maybe she won't hiss at me.

Trish Iriye Catnip Fortune Cookies

These are cat toys shaped like fortune cookies (yum!) and they have catnip inside. I like the cat when she has catnip because she goes crazy and it's funny. Also I guess these toys are really strong so the catnip won't even come out and make a mess.

Thanks soooooo much for looking at my list, Santa Paws! I'll leave some biscuits out for you, I promise!


Bruce the Bloodhound

Well, it looks like Bruce the Bloodhound has some great ideas! Maybe you can get some of these gifts for your pets this year. 

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Jenna Gomes