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Dog-Friendly Date Ideas

Dog-Friendly Date Ideas

Whether you love celebrating Valentine's Day, you have an anniversary coming up, or meeting someone for the first time, dogs are always the best date night companion. Here are some date ideas that would be even better with your furry best friend along. 

Dog-Friendly Brewery

If you enjoy tasting local beer, then a dog-friendly brewery is the perfect way to spend a date night or afternoon. Many breweries and microbreweries are dog-friendly and welcome pups on their patio or even inside (depending on if they serve food or not). 


Not only is hiking great exercise for your pup, but it's also a way to experience your local scenery and get some fresh air. Just keep in mind your dog's activity level - you don't want to have to carry your dog back down the hill after hiking!

Dog Park

Why not meet up for some coffee and doggy playtime? If your date has a dog too, what a perfect opportunity for your dogs to play together while you get to relax and chat! 


As long as your dog agrees to keep their paws off your food, a picnic is a great date idea that your pup can join in on. You can even pack your pup snacks. You can find a fenced area to picnic in so you can let your dog off leash (backyard picnic, anyone?) or they can hang out with you on their own blanket. 


Movie nights are better with your furry friend! Bring along some picnic chairs or pop open the hatch and hang out with your pup while you watch a movie. It's the perfect opportunity to snuggle your date or your dog! 

Any other great doggy date night ideas? Comment below!

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