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FAQs About Fostering Dogs

Have you been thinking about opening up your heart (and home) to a dog? Making the decision to foster a dog can be a big one - but a very rewarding one. If you're thinking about giving fostering a try, here are some frequently asked questions about fostering that we'll help you answer. 

How Do I Foster?

To foster an animal, you can go through a rescue or shelter that uses foster homes as a way of limiting their shelter population. Some shelters have dogs on-site as well as in foster homes, while other rescues function on a foster-only level. Look into local shelters as well as nationwide or local foster groups. 

How Long Does Fostering Last?

Fostering is, of course, different than adopting in the sense that you don't own the dog you're fostering and they won't stay with you forever. You might have a foster dog for as little as a couple weeks to as long as a few months, depending on how long it takes the rescue to find a forever home for them. 

Who Pays My Foster's Vet Bills?

Obviously, if your foster dog is staying with you for a bit, you might need to take them to the vet. The rescue or shelter that you're working with will typically be responsible for any vet bills that come up, and, depending on the rescue, might provide transportation to vet appointments as well. 

What About Potential Adopter Visits?

Since the rescue you're fostering for will have adoption applications, there will probably be visits between your foster pup and potential adopters. Every rescue conducts this differently, and might have you bring your dog to the rescue (if they have a shelter location) or they might organize a visit at your own home. Other rescues might take your foster dog for a visit to the potential adopter's home.

Am I Responsible for Food and Supplies?

Your financial responsibility for your foster dog varies between rescues. Many rescues provide you with food to start your dog off on, but for the most part, you'll be responsible for replenishing items like food, toys, and beds.

Will I Be a Good Foster Parent?

Do you love dogs? Will you do anything to take good care of a dog? Do you have time to devote to a pup? As long as the answer to these questions are "yes," you have the potential to be a great foster parent to a pup!

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