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June Doggy (and Kitty) Holidays

June is here and with June, plenty of pet holidays. The only thing that's different about June is that it has more cat holidays than dog holidays!

Adopt-a-Cat Month & Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

June has been deemed both Adopt-a-Cat Month and Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month by the American Humane Association and the ASPCA, respectively. No matter what kind of pet you're adopting, adopting is a generous and rewarding decision. June was first deemed Adopt-a-Cat Month by the AMA in order to raise awareness about cat adoption. Dog adoption is spoken of frequently, but cat adoption less so. Cats tend to receive less vet care than dogs do, simply because some people don't deem it as important. Because of this, there tend to be more feral and stray cats. Rescuing a cat off the street is great, and bringing it to a shelter or adopting it yourself could cause less stray cats to wander the streets.  

National Pet Preparedness Month

June isn't just about cats - it's about all pets thanks to National Pet Preparedness Month. June is named National Pet Preparedness Month for a reason - because it's the start of hurricane season. Just like Adopt-a-Cat Month, this holiday was founded by the American Humane Association to encourage all pet owners to have an emergency plan in place. When a weather emergency comes, it might be too late to create an emergency plan. So get prepared ahead of time by always having your dog's leash and collar ready, having at least three days of food stocked up, and always have a first aid kit and a picture of you with your pup ready. 

Stay tuned for more pet and doggy holidays in the month of June! 

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