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Keeping Dogs Warm

Winter is just around the corner! For those of us in the warmer climates, the cold isn't so much of a concern. However, it's something to think about if you're visiting somewhere colder for the holiday, or if you live somewhere cold. Humans aren't the only ones that shiver in the cold. Your dogs might, too! Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe and warm in the winter.

Cut Down on the Grooming

While many dogs need grooming, especially haircuts, avoid this in the winter. Still brush your dog's hair and trim if it's dragging the floor, but don't shave like you might in the summer. Your dog needs their full winter coat just like we need our winter coats!

Dry Dog, Warm Dog

When you wash your dog, make sure that you dry them off completely before they go outside. If you've ever gone outside with wet hair, you'll know why that matters!

Winter Coat

Obviously your dog has fur, but you can keep them even warmer with a winter coat. This is a good idea if you still want to groom your dog but also keep them warm. Plus, they look super cute. Just make sure they don't wear them too long indoors or they'll get overheated. 

Insulated Dog House

If you, for some reason, have to have your dog outside, make sure to give them somewhere warm to hang out. Carefully insulate their dog house and line it with carpet to keep them warm. 

More Padding

If your dog has a bed that they lie in that's on hardwood or tile, move it to the carpet for winter or put extra blankets underneath it so that they won't lie directly on the cold floor. If your house is all tile or hardwood and your dog loves lying on the floor, provide some carpet for them to stay warm on.


Now it's time to get out and brave that cold. Stay warm!

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Jenna Gomes