January 24, 2017

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Man vs. Cougar vs. Dog

Humans make a lot of sacrifices for their dogs, and dogs sometimes make sacrifices for their humans. One man made a daring move in order to save his furry best friend in Red Deer, Canada.

Just like any other day, 31-year-old Will Gibb pulled into a Tim Horton's to grab a coffee. While there, he let his furry friends Sasha and Mongo out of the car to run around the parking lot. (This isn't recommended, by the way. But maybe Canada's cool with it, eh?) Shortly after Gibb let the pups out of his car, he could hear his husky, Sasha, screaming in pain. 

Before Gibb even registered that a cougar had hold of his dog's neck, his instincts kicked in and he punched the cougar in the side of it's head. The cougar ran off into the woods, and that's when Gibb realized he had just taken a huge risk. 

The cat, however, wouldn't give up. As Gibb was trying to carry his dog, Sasha, to safety, she got scared and bit him. The cat came back out and Gibb began punching the cougar with one hand while trying to protect his injured dog and injured hand. 

It doesn't end there. As Sasha ran to the car in fright, the cougar came back out and tried attacking the other dog, Mongo. But Gibb had come too far at this point. He grabbed a large stick and chased it off into the woods. 

Thankfully, the vet clinic was only a mile away so Sasha quickly got the help she needed. Thanks to her owner, she pulled through, just with a lot stitches. 

The cougar, unfortunately, had to be killed by police because of its odd behavior. While cougar sightings are common, it is rare that they attack.

So, how about you? Would you punch a cougar for your dog? Or a kangaroo? (Yeah, that happened, too). 

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