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Most Popular Dogs Throughout Time

Dogs have pretty much always been popular - whether it was for work, sport, or affection, humans have had dogs around for a very long time. While we might know the Labrador Retriever as one of the most famous family dogs today, it wasn't always. Here are some of the most popular dog breeds, throughout the decades. 

1900s - At the beginning of the 20th century, "Lassies" were quite popular. The Collie was the top breed in the 1900s, while Boston Terriers and Irish Setters came in second and third, respectively. 

1910s - The '10s were a time of the terriers - the Boston Terrier rose to the top of the list then, a dog that is known as America's first purebred dog, nicknamed "The American Gentlemen."  This time, Collies were third on the list and Airedale Terriers were second. 

1920s - In the decade of flappers and prohibition, Boston Terriers dropped to second, and German Shepherds became the most popular dog breed. Chow Chows made it to the list two, as the third most popular breed. 

1930s - Welcome back, Boston Terrier! The Boston Terrier remained the number one dog throughout the first half of the 30s, while the Cocker Spaniel took over for the second half. In third place was another, less-American terrier, the Scottish Terrier.

1940s - The Cocker Spaniel remained the number one dog throughout the '40s, officially knocking the Boston Terrier to third place. In second place throughout the decade was the ever-adorable and timeless Beagle.

1950s - In the '50s, the Beagle took over as America's most popular dog, while a few different dog breeds trades back and forth for second and third most popular. The Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, and Chihuahua all traded popularity back and forth. 

1960s - The infamous Poodle didn't really become, well, infamous, until the years of good times and The Beatles. The Poodle was the most popular dog breed throughout the '60s, while the German Shepherd finally returned to the list at the number two spot. The third most popular breed was the Beagle, with the Dachshund rising to the place in the last '60s. 

1970s - The Poodle was just as popular in the '70s, remaining the most common dog breed in American households. German Shepherds remained the second most popular dog breed until the late '70's, when the Doberman Pinscher took that position. The third most popular dog breed changed throughout the decade, with Irish Setters and German Shepherds trading off the most.

1980s - Around the early '80s, the Cocker Spaniel took the number one breed spot back from the Poodle, who still remained at an impressive second place spot. This is the time when the Labrador Retriever started becoming popular, moving from third to second place in the late '80s. 

1990s - Ah, the '90s. This is not only when our favorite pop groups rose to fame, but when Labrador Retrievers rose to fame, too! These pups were the most popular breed throughout the 90s, with the Rottweiler taking second place. The German Shepherd came back up third place for this decade.

2000s - With the millennium, Labrador Retrievers remained crazily popular. Both Golden Retrievers (thanks, Air Bud) and Yorkshire Terriers traded off the second most popular breed title. 

2010s - We're at the end of the '10s now, and unsurprisingly, Labs have remained the most popular brand. Most recently, German Shepherds have risen to second place and Golden Retrievers to third place. 

So, what's next? Do you think a new dog breed will rise to the top. Or, how about mutts? We'll have to wait and see!

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Jenna Gomes