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One Man, 735 Dogs

Who's the biggest dog love you know? They might have five dogs, or maybe even a farm with more than five. But what about 735 dogs? Rakesh Shukla can tell you something about that.

Shukla, a software engineer in Bangalore, has made it his duty to protect and love the dogs that can't call anywhere home. Shukla's home is right near Bangalore, Karnataka, India. With India's high human population comes a high dog population. But unfortunately there are a lot of homeless dogs that spend their days on the street. 

These are the dogs that Shukla continues to help. He owns a three and a half acre farm, which, at its last count, was home to 735 dogs. That's right, 735. 

While that's quite a lot of dogs, you can rest assured knowing that Shukla takes great care of these dogs. While he might not be able to remember all of their names, his large property is the perfect place for dogs that would otherwise be on the street, in a pound, or euthanized.

There is no limit to the kind of dogs that Shukla brings home. There are all of kinds of breeds, from pure breeds to mutts. There are small dogs, big dogs, old dogs, and young dogs. It's beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss book!

Nearly all of the dogs are from the streets, but many are also sadly abandoned by owners or come to him from deceased owners. 

Shukla wants these dogs to have a happy and fun home, no matter how much time or how little time they have left. The acreage is plenty of room for the pups and Shukla gives them hearty meals every day. 

So if your friend ever tries to shame you for how many dogs you have, just remember that you'll never beat the selfless Rakesh Shukla.

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Jenna Gomes