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Pets and the Eclipse

The solar eclipse is just around the corner, which means that you should be prepared! If you have your solar glasses ready and the eclipse's peak time marked down, then you're ready! But would about your pets? Here are some eclipse tips for pet owners. 

You've heard the warning about what happens when you stare at the sun - you go blind! Even if you don't lose all of your eyesight, just looking at the sun for a few seconds can permanently burn your retina. Which means that you'll have a black dot in the shape of the eclipse in the middle of your eye - forever. 

So, what about pets? Obviously, pet owners might be concerned about their dog's or cat's eyes. You can't exactly tell your pet not to look at the sun, and there also are no doggy-eclipse glasses (although that would be adorable). 

While our eyes can be damaged by looking at the eclipse, it's less likely to happen to your pet. That's because animals have the instincts that tell them not to look at the sun. If you do have your dog outside with you during the eclipse, you can hold some glasses over their eyes if you'd like the security. It's also best to keep them leashed and closed to you.

However, it's best to keep your pets inside with the shades drawn during the eclipse. This isn't because of the action of looking at the sun itself, but because the effect the eclipse can have on your pets. Because the eclipse can cause the sky to get extremely dark during the daytime, it can trigger odd behaviors in your pets. Darkness can make dogs think that it's nighttime, which can cause them to get anxious. When they see darkness, they think that it is bedtime, however, they don't feel tired. This can cause your pup to whine, pace, and more. Keeping your pets inside with the shades drawn helps prevent them from noticing the difference in light.

Have a safe and fun solar eclipse day!


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