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How to Make Every Day "National Dog Day"

For those of you who haven't seen pictures of all the adorable pups on social media today, it's National Dog Day! 

National Dog Day was founded by Colleen Paige, who is the queen of pet holidays. There are multiple dog holidays scattered across the year, from National Puppy Day to National Mutt Day to today, National Dog Day!

But instead of just making today special for your pup, why not make every day special? Here are some tips on how you could make every day your puppy's own "National Dog Day". 


Your pup has a lot to say. Whether or not they're saying it in English doesn't matter. A very important key to making your pup feel special is to listen to them. Get to know their sounds and what all of their "talk" means. If they're whining, are they hungry? If they bark, do they need to go out? Make an effort to listen and to address their sounds instead of just ignore them.

Always Exercise

Even on the days when you feel glued to the couch, think of what your pup would want. Make sure you get your pup out to exercise by taking longer walks or going to the dog park. On cold or rainy days, look into doggy gyms or indoor doggy pools. It's a great way to get your pup exercise without having to deal with bad weather.

Research Food

When choosing your pup's food or getting them a new food, make sure you do your research. Because dogs don't get the variety of food we do, the food they do eat is very important. Research what goes into the food (and what doesn't) to make sure your dog is getting the nutrients they need (and none of the ones they don't). Also ask your vet or research how many calories your dog should be consuming, and adjust the amount you feed them a day to match their calorie intake. 

Get Clean

Make sure that your dog's hygiene habits are just as good as your own. Your pup should have regular baths (more or less depending on where you live and how messy they get) as well as regular brushing. This brushing includes brushing both their fur as well as their teeth. Once-a-week teeth brushing is suggested for optimum gum health. 

Love Them

And, the most important thing you can do for your pup to help them have a special day, every day: love them!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes