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Pool Safety for Dogs

Pool Safety for Dogs

While there's lots of conversation around fireworks safety and dogs during the summer, it's important to consider other summertime activities, too - like pool time! Here are some pool safety tips for you and your furry friends this summer.

Use a Fence

If you have an inground pool, make use of a fence or gate around the pool. While people with kids tend to do this, many folks with animals don't prioritize it. A secure gate will help ensure that your pup won't wander into the pool when you turn your back or when they have outside time. 

Buy a Ramp

You know that saying, "There's an invention for everything?" Well, believe it or not, there are dog specific pool ramps that can help your pup get safely in and out of your pool. There are variations for both above ground pool and inground pools. Ramps can help pups get into and out of the water without tripping or slipping.


Get Your Pup a Lifejacket

Not only will your dog look cute in a lifejacket, but it will help keep them safe! Even if your dog is an experienced swimmer, dogs (just like humans) can get tired, overheated, or can panic. A fitted lifejacket (there are plenty of varieties for pups!) will help them stay afloat.

Leave Pool Cover Off

While it might seem counterintuitive, leaving the pool cover off can be better for your dog and for other animals if any of them wander over. Since inground pools are at ground level, many animals assume that a cover is solid ground. If the cover is not solid, they can get tangled up in and potentially drown.

Be Wary of Chemicals


Always check your pool chemical level to make sure none of it is too high. Pool chemicals are diluted enough (at the correct levels) not to cause any harm to your pup, but that's why it's important to keep them at the right levels. Additionally, try not to let your pup drink the water. Ingesting some is alright, but they might get a tummy ache if they chug it like regular water. 


And of course, the number one rule - never leave your dog unattended in the pool. You should always be prepared to help them get in and out of the water, stay afloat, and have fun.

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