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Quick Potty Trip Tips

While we know that potty trips outside are a necessary part of being a dog parent, it's never much fun when your pup takes a long time to decide where to go. On those days when the weather is unpleasant, here are some tips to make those potty trips quicker.

Use a Command Word 

Instead of staying silent while your pup goes potty, or using impatient phrases like "Come on," or "Hurry up!", use a simple phrase and be consistent with the use of that phrase. Most people use "go potty." Saying this phrase every time you want your dog to go can help them associate the command with the act. Since outside can be distracting, saying the command can help them focus and realize that they really do need to go!

Consistent Potty Spot

If you are taking your pup out on a leash (versus just letting them out in a fenced yard), then take them to the same place every time you want them to poop. Most pups don't have trouble peeing wherever, and peeing quickly, because it's not only a potty act for them, but a signature for other pups. Number Two, however, can take a bit longer for dogs, and you might notice them looking for the right "spot." Help them by taking them to the same corner of the yard, neighborhood, etc. every time you want them to do their business.

Get Excited and Reward Them

When your pup does finally go potty, get excited for them! Talk to them in an uplifting tone and use phrases like "good girl" or "good boy." This will tell them that what they did was a good thing. Then, give them a treat. If you are consistent with this (even if it takes them a long time to go potty), then they will begin looking forward to that praise - which means they will be quicker to go potty.

Use a Potty Product

There are some potty sprays and potty pebbles that encourage pups to go in a certain spot. This might help you, especially if you have an indecisive dog that likes to sniff everywhere before going potty. They will be drawn to the spray/pebbles due to the pheromones they give off, and hopefully will feel right at home to go potty!


Get a Fresh Patch

Okay, so this tip won't necessarily help your pup go potty faster, but it will help keep you from having to go outside in the rain or snow with your pup! If you really don't have time to wait for your pup to choose a spot to go, or if you pup won't go outside at all due to the weather, Fresh Patch always has your back. 


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Jenna Gomes