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The Month of Dogust

We can't resist a pun! The month of Dogust (August) is upon us! Here are all the dog holidays you can celebrate with your pup this month.

International Assistance Dog Week (August 6th - 12th)

Dogs are amazing; we know that. But assistance dogs are especially amazing - they take on amazing feats for their owners. That's why this week is dedicated to honoring the special deeds that assistance dogs do. This holiday was founded by author Marcie Davis, who wrote the book Working Like Dogs and hosts a radio show of the same name. She is also the founder of the organization by the same name, which helps spread awareness about the work assistance dogs do as well as gives information on how to rain service dogs. 

National Feral Cat Awareness Week (Mid-August)

We may all be dog lovers, but our furry feline friends matter, too! Ireland has devoted a week in mid-August every year to raising awareness about feral cats. Stray and feral cats aren't just a problem in Ireland, but everywhere! It's important to raise awareness on how to help curb the feral cat population. It's not because cats aren't loved, but it's because many stray and feral kittens die at a young age or suffer because of lack of food or exposure to the elements. Ireland has come up with the "TNR" or "Trap Neuter Return" method. It encourages those who see feral cats to trap them, fix them, and then let them back to their colony. This assures that they can keep the lifestyle that they're used to without contributing to population growth.

Other dog holidays that take place throughout the month include National Check the Chip Day, International Homeless Animals' Day, National Dog Day, and more! Keep your eyes peeled for our blogs on these holidays this month. 

Happy Dogust!

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