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Why Do Our Customers Choose Fresh Patch?

Why Do Our Customers Choose Fresh Patch?

We’ve been in the biz of hydroponically-grown pet grass for over 10 years now, and we’ve heard all the feedback.  Check out our list of the top 5 reasons our customers choose Fresh Patch ...and why we think you should too!


1. Fresh Patch is the Preferred Indoor Dog-Potty: Pee-pads and synthetic grass are options, but we’ll boldly say, they’re not the right options. Customers can smell the difference. Fresh Patch’s hydroponically-grown grass patches absorb liquids and smells, train puppies correctly and easily, and don't cause #PuppyPottyTraining confusion.

Quote from Twitter, "we got a puppy yesterday and she slready consistently uses @freshPatch.  after traning our first puppy in nyc I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!!" 


2. Puppies Should be Potty Trained on Real Grass: Puppies have to potty every 4-5 hours. Our customers rejoice when they don’t have to run down 5 flights of stairs to avoid an accident, and fido can “go” right within the vicinity. Plus, puppies that are potty-trained with real grass are less likely to be confused about what surfaces they can and cannot squat on in the future.  Read more in our blog article about '4-Reasons Pee-Pads Suck'

Dog sitting on mat as meme saying "I'm sorry mom, I thought it was a pee-pad"


3. Injured or Recovering Pets: We’ve found a lot of customers use Fresh Patch while their dog is in recovery after a surgery, or even when they have limited mobility themselves.  It brings us pride knowing Fresh Patch gives dignity and ease to dogs and their families during hard times.

Injured or Recovering Pets.  Dog laying on Fresh Patch with cone around head on balcony with city view



4.  #Poopstrikes: Snowing outside? Raining? Too hot? Inclement weather can be a surefire way to elicit a poop strike among our pups. Thankfully, having a Fresh Patch indoors can make potty time stress-free.



5. Urban and Apartment Living:  Lack of grassy spots in cities, long elevator rides downstairs, and sometimes unsafe neighborhoods after dark make Fresh Patch a favorite for urban pup-parents. Especially so for early morning or late night potty needs!  Check out our blog on 5 Tips for City Living With Dogs, including having an indoor potty option like Fresh Patch 🌱


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