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Top 6 Tips for the Dog Park

With the spring weather upon nearly every part of the country, it's the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with your pups. If you're planning on taking your dog to the dog park, here are some tips to take with you! 

Know Your Commands

Before you head to the dog park, make sure that you and your dog know your commands! While they might listen to their name at home, they could also get distracted and too excited at the park to listen to you there. Practice commands with them in distracting situations so that you know you can get their attention if you need to. 

Make Sure It's Fenced

Many dog parks can still be labeled "dog park" on a map even if they don't have a fence. Large, hilly areas often don't have fences but still allow dogs off leash. For your pup's safety, double-check to make sure that the dog park you're taking them to is fenced, that way you have peace of mind that they'll stay safe and protected.

Bring Water and Waste Bags

While most dog parks provide both water fountains and waste bags, it's not a guarantee that they will or that they'll be fully stocked. Bring your own water, water bowl, and waste bags so that you can give your dog water when needed and pick up after them. 

Keep Your Dog's Collar On

While you can take off your pup's leash in off-leash parks, make sure that their collar stays on, and that it has all of their important tags, such as their ID (registration) tag, rabies tag, and anything else that might be essential if they get separated from you. 

Use the Right Area

Dog parks often have separate areas for both small and large dogs. Make sure that you're reading the signs and following the rules, because it will make it a safer and more enjoyable park experience for both you and your pup. 

Avoid Extremely Hot Temperatures

If it's 80 degrees or above, consider going to the park at a cooler time of day, like before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. This will help prevent your pup from getting overheated, since temperatures usually peak in the middle of the day. They'll be able to have more fun running around if they aren't too hot. 

Now get to the dog park and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Jenna Gomes