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Ways to Relieve Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

We all hate leaving our dog home alone when we go out, but your dog probably hates it even more. When dogs are experiencing anxiety, they can do everything from have accidents in the house to rip up your favorite recliner. Here are some tips to help your dog deal with their separation anxiety. 

Food & Toys

Food and toys are the perfect combination to keep your dog distracted while you're gone. Kong toys are great for hiding treats or peanut butter inside. Your dog will spend time trying to get whatever treat is inside, which will distract them, and the chewing will be good for their teeth.

Leave Some of Your Clothes

Your smell is one of the things that can comfort your dog the most, so it will be easier on them if you leave some of your well-worn clothes for them to lay with. You can drape an old t-shirt or pillowcase on their dog bed so that they can snuggle up to your smell and feel like you're there even when you're gone.

Don't Make a Big Deal of Leaving

While it's hard not to give your dog a big hug and kiss goodbye, try not to make a big deal of your exit! If you act like it's not a big deal and simply leave the house, your dog is less likely to panic. Instead, spend time with your dog way before you leave and give them plenty of pets. This way, they just view it as normal affection!

Leave Sound Running

Sometimes, dogs need a little bit of white noise to help calm their mind, just like us. Audiobooks or radio programs are great for your dog because the sounds of human voices will remind them of you, and in turn, help keep them calm! 

Exercise Your Dog Before Leaving

This method is a simple "tire-them-out" strategy. If you take your dog for a long walk or play a long game of catch with them before you leave, they'll be more likely to get tired and lay down for a nap once you leave, therefore distracting them from the fact that you're gone! 


Try out some of these methods and award your dog's good behavior with a big kiss when you get home!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes