January 24, 2017

Theia, the Zombie Dog

Zombies have gained a bit of popularity since The Walking Dead.  But the zombies in The Walking Dead, much like the zombies in other tv shows and on film, are all humans.

Recently, Spokane, Washington has had their own mini Zombie apocalypse.  But there’s only one zombie – and it’s a dog.

Back in February, farmhands in a town called Moses Lake had taken to a one-year-old stray pitbull.  She often hung around the farm and they would feed her.  She was well-known in the community and fed scraps by many people, not just farmhands.

Sure enough, when the dog went missing for a few days, her absence was noticed.  She showed up, emaciated and dirt-covered, at the farm she often came to for scraps.  It eventually came to be revealed that four days prior to her arrival, she had been seemingly dead.

Sarah Mellado, a local Moses Lake resident, ended up taking the dog in and naming her Theia.  She took her to Washington State University’s veterinary hospital where their Good Samaritan Fund committee raised $700 to begin treatment on her.  She came in with a dislocated jaw, leg injuries and a caved-in sinus cavity.

The details came out over the next few weeks.  Theia had been hit by a car and severely injured.  A local ranch hand misguidedly thought it would be best to put her out of her misery and took a hammer to her head.  Thinking she was dead, he put her in a box and buried her in the ground.

But Theia wasn’t dead.  She dug her way out of her makeshift grave and has been making an amazing recovery ever since.  Theia still has trouble breathing, and though she could survive with her limited breathing, her new owner wants to make sure she is never in the kind of pain she went through again.  She has a GoFundMe set up to help raise the remaining money it will take to make Theia good as new.

Zombie dog or miracle dog?  I’d like to think Theia is a little of both.

January 24, 2017

National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week is Coming Up!

Starting tomorrow, it’ll be National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week.  This is an important week because it allows us to honor all that animal control officers do for the well-being of dogs and other animals out there (which is a lot!).

This appreciation week is endorsed by the National Animal Care & Control Association.  Animal Control agencies everywhere are encouraged to have their own celebrations this week to honor their diligent workers.

It takes a lot to be an animal control officer.  Nine times out of ten, if you’re an ACO, you have a love and adoration for animals, big and small.  One of the hardest things to do as an animal-lover is to watch animals suffer.  But animal control officers do this nearly every day.

NACCA, the endorsers of ACO Appreciation Week, encourage local agencies to give out awards to officers as well.

This week, check out our blogs to see our appreciation for some outstanding animal control officers!

January 24, 2017

Animal Cop Shows

To wag your tail goodbye to Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, we’ll cover some animal rescue television shows that you can catch on tv.  Watching these officers hard at work will help you feel the ultimate appreciation.

Animal Cops: Houston (Animal Planet) – Over the years, there has been a slew of Animal Cops spinoffs, in Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix and even South Africa.  However, currently, Animal Cops: Houston is the only Animal Cops still running.  After a hiatus in 2012, it began again in 2014.  It focuses on the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the work they do.

Animal Rescue with Alex Paen – Like Animal Cops, this show is documentary-style, but instead of following a precinct in their daily work, Animal Rescue publishes reenactments (and some actual footage) of rescue workers (not just animal cops, but police and firemen, too!) rescuing trapped, hurt or endangered animals. Animal Rescue has its own website, where you can find a list of airings of the show in your area.

Animal Precinct (Animal Planet) – Though this show is no longer running, it certainly deserves a shout out.  Animal Precinct was a show that was also documentary-style, and in many ways, inspired the start of shows like Animal Cops and its spinoffs.  It focused specifically on the ASPCA and their animal cop division, the Humane Law Enforcement.  Though it’s no longer being produced, you might still be able to catch reruns on Animal Planet.


Whatever the show, however sad it might be to watch, it puts things in perspective.  Pat your dog and thank your lucky stars he’s in your arms.  And before this week is over, thank an animal control officer, somewhere, anywhere!

January 24, 2017

Brainiest Breeds

It’s my last week of undergrad and finals and research papers are rampant!  So I thought, why not do some out-of-school research on the Einstein of dogs while currently wishing I was the Einstein of humans?

Now remember, these are generalizations.  So it doesn’t mean that if you have a dog of these breed, that they will automatically be smart!  It also doesn’t mean that you can have a very smart dog of a breed not on this list.  These are simply breed tendencies.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the brainiest breeds, courtesy of vetstreet.com

8.  Shetland Sheepdogs/Collies: These are actually two different breeds, and Collies are significantly bigger than Shetland Sheepdogs but they’re ranked at a tie for their smarts!

7. Australian Cattle Dog:  These dogs are extremely intelligent, however, difficult to train because of their massive intelligence and stubbornness!

6. Labrador/Golden Retriever: Not only are they smart, they’re extremely energetic and lovable (which can sometimes peg them as dumb, poor things!)

5. Jack Russell Terrier: Intelligent but demanding!  Sometimes there’s so much going on in these little guy’s brains and body’s that they get into trouble… watch out!

4. Australian Shepard:  Big heart, big head!  These dogs are very needy when it comes to human contact and they train very easily.  Loyalty is their biggest  plus!

3. German Shepard:  There’s a reason why they’re police dogs!  This breed is highly intelligent, easily trainable and highly adaptable!

2. Poodle: They’re not all frou-frou!  Poodles are actually very intelligent and big entertainers.

1. Border Collie:  And here you have, it the smartest dog breed!  Well, as a generalization, of course.  These dogs have incredible focus, determination, and intelligence, which is why they’re usually sheepdogs!


But remember, no matter how smart or… goofy… your dog is, they have just as much love to give!

January 24, 2017

Most Popular Dog Names

There are website, books, all kinds of sources that will help you find a name for your baby.  But what about finding a name for your dog?

With pets, I often follow my instinct.  I once named my rabbit “Roberta,” which everyone thought was strange, but I backed up with, “She just looked like a Roberta.”

So if you’ve got a new puppy in the family and you’re struggling to find a name, check out these most popular dog names of 2014:

Boys:                             Girls:

1. Max                               Bella

2. Buddy                            Lucy

3. Charlie                           Daisy

4. Jack                               Molly

5. Cooper                           Lola

6. Rocky                             Sophie

7. Toby                               Sadie

8. Tucker                            Maggie

9. Jake                               Chloe

10. Bear                             Bailey


But in case you want to stray away from the popular names and give your dog a little more originality, here are some tips for naming your dog something a little more personal.  You can:

– Name them after a favorite television/movie character (Buffy, Chandler, Leia…)

– If you adopt them and want to change their name, pick a name that sounds similar enough to theirs so they will respond better (change “Sandy” to “Abby” or “Sammie” instead of “Olive”.)

– If you get them from a breeder, ask its parents’ names and base it off theirs.  Or, if the breeder is very loving with the animals, name it after them (that’s why my dog’s name is “Herbie,” his breeder cried when we took him home!)

– Name them after your own relatives.  It’s a great way to commemorate relatives if you don’t have kids or aren’t going to have any more.

– Name them after a famous dog!  It’s cheesy, but it works.  My favorite dog in the world (my dog I got when I was five) was named “Blue” when we adopted her, and we kept it.


So, whether you needed these suggestions for the new family member or if you’re just going to follow your instinct, your dog will be the apple of your eye, no matter what their name is!

January 24, 2017

Doggy First-Aid Kit

Many families have kid and adult first-aid kits.  Especially when going to amusement parks or hiking, they are essential.  Well, it’s just as essential to have a first-aid kit for your dog, too!  Here are some items you should always have handy in your doggy first-aid kit:

– Vet information, vaccination records: Just like having a health insurance/blood type card for humans!

– Hydrogen peroxide:  Yes, peroxide can help dogs, too, but not in the way we think.  In extreme circumstances, and only under the advisement of poison control, you can use peroxide to induce vomiting in your dog if they’ve consumed something toxic.

– Antibiotic ointment: Use it for scratches and scrapes, just like on kids!

– Gauze (scissors, tape, rubber gloves):  You should always have gauze in case you need to wrap up a wound.

– Towel/blanket: This can be used to calm down a scared dog, wrap them in a blanket to pick them up and they’ll feel safer.  You can also use it to protect against hot pavement or cold weather.

– Bottles of water/food/snacks:  Food and water are simply basic essentials that can be used in all emergency situations.

– Medications: Keep any of your dog’s prescriptions handy or any flea/tick medications.

– Their favorite toy:  In any stressful situation, your dog having a comfort will calm them.

– Extra leash and collar:  You never know when something can happen, things break!  Just in case, always carry an extra leash and collar with you.

– Flashlight:  This is helpful for not only the nighttime, but when you’re trying to get a close look at something, like a cut or splinter.


When you’re a dog owner, you can never be too prepared!

January 24, 2017

Best City Dogs

You love the city and you love dogs. So who says you can't have both? Thanks to Fresh Patch, having a dog when you're busy can be a bit easier. But what about if you're busy in the city? Here are some dog breeds that will be happy and healthy in living in a city. 


Pugs are adorable and fun-sized. That's what makes them perfect for the city! Even if you're in a studio apartment, they'll have plenty of room because of their size. Plus, they don't need a ton of exercise.

English Bulldog

The great thing with this breed is that they tend not to be barkers. Your neighbors in the city will surely love that! Not only this, but they don't need a lot of exercise. Do make sure you get them out enough, though, because they tend to gain weight easily.


Call us crazy, but a Greyhound is actually perfect for the city! While they have a reputation as racing dogs, they actually don't need long periods of exercise. They just like to run really fast. And if you let them run around in the dog park once in a while, they'll be a big ol' couch potato once you get home. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These toy breeds are tiny and cute. You might know Elizabeth Taylor, Charlotte York's King Charles Spaniel on Sex in the City. Well, there's a reason Charlotte had her! These pups are great for cities, because of their small stature and their love for hanging out on the couch.


Shih-Tzus are tiny and loveable! That's what makes them perfect for cities. They don't need much activity at all but they do love being pampered. So be prepared to cuddle with them when you get home. 

Labrador Retriever

If you love a big city and big dogs, then choose the Lab! Even with their size, they'll be happy in the city as long as you have room for them in your apartment. They're sweet and calm, but are slightly more active than other dogs on this list. That means that you'll need to exercise them just a bit more. 

So get out there and find your perfect city dog!


January 24, 2017

Doggy Photography Tips

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, you can't deny that Christmas is next! And that means that you'll need to get your Christmas cards in order. It's hard enough getting the whole family organized for a Christmas card, so what about when you add dogs? It doesn't have to be hard! Whether you're a photographer, going to a photographer, or just setting up your camera on a timer, here are some tips to help you make your doggy photography a little easier.

Use That Leash

In order to get your dogs, well, in order, you'll need a leash! It's how you can get them to sit where you want them to and ensures a smoother process. Don't ask photographers to go "off-leash" just because you don't want it in the picture. It's possible to photoshop a leash out so that you get the perfect picture and a well-behaving dog. 

Have Patience

You might not get the perfect shot right away. Make sure you have patience, because you don't want to lose your frustration and take it out on your dog. If there's multiple dogs, it can take even longer to get a good shot. Just keep in mind that the calmer you stay, the calmer the dogs will stay. Patience really is well worth its rewards. 

Clear the Area

If you're taking pictures indoors, make sure that you get clutter out of the way and clear the area. That way, no matter how much a dog might move around, you'll be sure to get a good shot that's free of anything you don't want in it. Make sure you check when you're outside, too. 

Get On Their Level

If you get down to the level that your dog is on, you'll see pictures that come to life. That's because with a picture from their point of view, it really feels like the photo is a glimpse into your pup's world - a picture through their eyes!

Reward Your Pup

Make sure that your dog is getting rewards for all this hard work! They don't really know what's going on, only that you're tossing commands at them. So if you reward your dog with a little treat after you take a picture, they'll be happy and even look at you (adorably) for me. Offer them toys, too, because getting some pictures of them chewing on their favorite toy could be adorable. 

Minimize Commands & Stay Still

Try to only command your dog when you need them to move. The more you talk, the more excited they get. This can sometimes get them a little too hyperactive. It's the same way with movement - just move when you can so they're not trying to move all the time with you. 

Good luck and make sure to share those pictures once you get them!

January 24, 2017

Breed Feature - Kerry Blue Terrier

This week's breed feature is on the adorable and fluffy Kerry Blue Terrier. 

What They're Famous For: These pups are most famous for their very distinct look. Many styled Kerry Blue Terriers have a "beard" on their face. They also have a dull blue hue to their coat. They are also known for their snappy personality. When they were first being bred, aggressiveness as a trait was bred into them purposefully, which is how they earned the nickname "Blue Devil." Since then, though, they've become calmer and more loving.

History: The Kerry Blue Terrier was first recognized as an official breed in 1922 by the American Kennel Club. Originally, though, they hailed from Ireland, from an area called County Kerry. That's where they got their name! They were used as a working terrier and hunted small game, rodents, and birds. They were also used for herding sheep and cattle.

Size: Medium. These dogs are in the terrier family, so you could probably guess they don't get that big.  They weight anywhere from 33 to 40 pounds and stand at about a foot-and-a-half high.

Appearance: Kerry Blues are full of tight, curly blue hair. Depending on how they're groomed, they might have that famous Kerry Blue beard on their face. 

Who They're Perfect For: Kerry Blue Terriers are ideal for families that don't have other dogs. They tend to get a little agitated and aggressive around other dogs, so they should be the main canine focus of the family. Ideally, these terriers would be the only pet in the house. Since they have those hunting instincts, they might chase cats or other small animals. Kerry Blues also needs lots of exercise, so they'd be best in a home with a fenced-in yard that they could run around.


January 24, 2017

Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Tomorrow, January 14th, is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. This might not sound like a real holiday, but it totally is (in the pet world). You can celebrate my stepping up your dog's fashion skills for a day. 

So how did this ho(w)liday start? It was founded in 2009 by Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. She is also the founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day. Dress Up Your Pet Day. 

This holiday isn't just a fun chance to dress up your pet. As Paige, the founder, stresses, "all of my holidays have the underlying goal to help save lives and give homeless animals as much exposure as possible."

This holiday is also a chance to stress the importance avoiding wearing real fur or animal skins. Make no mistake, killing an animal for their fur or skin isn't fashion, it's a form of animal cruelty. Show your support for animals by avoiding anything with real fur. 

And now for the fun part of your day - dressing your dog up! Keep in mind that if your dog doesn't like to wear clothes not to make them. Some dogs or cats don't mind, and some do. Instead, you can buy them a cute new collar or tags. But you can celebrate this silly holiday a bunch of way, not only dressing up your dog. Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Dress Up Your Dog Day:

  •  Dress up your dog! This is the obvious one. Make sure your dog is comfortable and that the costume is safe for them to wear. Take pictures and share it, including the #dressupyourpetday.
  • Donate blankets, food, and toys to a local animal welfare organization. No kill shelters could always use more supplies.
  • Dress up as your favorite pet! Put on some ears or face makeup.
  • Have a "pets parade" with your family or your neighborhood with all of their costumes.
  • Have a Dress Up Your Pet Day party with your friends and their pets.
  • Volunteer at a shelter for the day to walk dogs or play with the adoptable cats. 

There are tons of ways you can celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day! How will you?



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