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STANDARD Protective Sleeve - (OAK)

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Oak Protective Sleeve with grass

STANDARD Protective Sleeve - (OAK) - $39.95 $39.95

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Stylish and functional.  The OAK protective sleeve looks great and prevents dogs from chewing on the Fresh Patch box, making a perfect grass dog litter box.  Fresh Patch grass is sold separately and please note, the Fresh Patch Wooden Sleeves and Plastic Trays are not compatible with each other.

Dimensions: 27.75” (length), 19.25” (width) and 3.50” height.

Free Shipping on All Orders

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

The fresh patch has been the answer to living on the 3rd floor with a new puppy!!!!! Our pup instantly used the fresh patch. We keep the XL patch on the balcony for when we leave the back door open and we have a standard patch for inside in case the door is closed. It has been a lifesaver on the top floor because those stairs are no joke!

Melanie Clark
Good for a yard dog moving into an apartment

Maisy loved her front yard but felt extremely territorial, threatened, and barked a lot. As a small dog she now loves her balcony because she can see everything but doesn't feel threatened. The barking has stopped but she still gets to pee on grass. She is very well trained and smart and doesn't like potty pads so it took a little while for her to understand that it's ok to go in an inside/outside space but now that she has the hang of it she is really happy.

Lisa Lambert
Fresh Patch has been a game changer for us

When I moved into a condo, I saw my neighbor getting a patch delivered, and gave it a try. My dog loves the Fresh Patch because it is real grass, he would never use any fake version before. We keep it on our deck, but bring it in the house when it rains or we are gone for a long day. Customer Service has been great, with pausing during travel, and re-routing when we go visit our kids out of state. We get ours delivered every two weeks. It is the answer to our condo life with our pup.

Wooden protective sleeve question

I bought the large size fresh patch. Looking to buy the wooden sleeve. Would I buy the large sleeve and then would that be the right size to accommodate the large patch?

Thank you

Hi Gennifer! Yes, the large sleeve is designed for the large fresh patch. Here is the link:

I love fresh patch!

I have a shih tzu, and we live on the 4th floor of a condo that pet area is not in the safest area! Im able to give my dog the freedom he needs, and it saves me multiple elevator trips a day! Any issues Ive had theyve fixed instantly! I definitely think fresh patch is worth the expense and I will continue to order every 3 weeks