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Five Great Non-Squeaky Toys

Of course, we love when our dog is happy, and we love to shower them with toys to make them happy! But with more people working from home than ever, and with video conferences a commonality, squeaky toys aren't the best to have in the house. Here are some suggestions for toys without the squeak so that you and your dog can be happy!

1. Hear Doggy! Flattie Ultrasonic Squeaker 

Okay, so this toy isn't totally without a squeaker - but you and other humans won't be able to hear it! This toy comes in all different animal varieties like flamingo, rabbit, cat, skunk, deer, and beaver.  It's large enough that your pup will love chasing it around and throwing it up in the air, plus, they get all the fun of the squeaking sounds without it bothering you or anybody else on your call!

2. FGA Marketplace Flat No Stuffing No Squeak Plush

This toy comes in multiple varieties, just like the Flattie toy. Whether it's a monkey, rabbit, duck, or frog, they all have one thing in common - they're squeakerless! These toys have no squeaker (not even a supersonic one), but your dog will still love them because of how floppy they are. They also lack stuffing, which is perfect if your dog likes to rip toys apart. 


3. Fluff & Tuff Squeakerless Red Squirrel

This adorable squirrel is fluffy and realistic - which means that if your dog is a hunting dog, they will love it. Unlike the FGA Marketplace toy, it has stuffing, so it might not be best for heavy chewers who like to de-fluff their toys! However, if your dog loves fluffy toys, this is the perfect *silent* one for them. It is still has plenty of fluff for them to squish, just without the loud, annoying squeak!

4. Petstages Sneaky Squeak Ball 

If your dog usually likes ball-shaped squeaky toys, they'll love this one! This ball is completely silent when your dog is playing by themselves, and is bouncy enough that even if you can't play with them, they can keep themselves busy and have their own game of ball! The nice thing about this toy is that when you have time to play with your dog, you can put your hand over the air hole to make it squeak - only when you want it to, though. 

5. Corn Dog Toothbrush Stick

This little corn-on-the-cob looking toy is not only fun for your dog, but it's good for them! It doesn't have a squeaker, so you won't be bothered by its noise, though the sound of your dog chewing it might be a little bothersome! However, this toy will help keep your dog's teeth nice and healthy, and it will keep them busy even if you have a long Zoom day ahead of you.


Hopefully one of these toys will work great for you and your pup! 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes