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Tips for Taking Your Dog on Vacation

While vacations might look a little different than they used to, many of us are finding a way to relax in new ways. Whether that's a road trip, camping, or a cabin in a state park, a getaway wouldn't be as fun without your pup! Here are some tips if you're taking your dog with you on your next vacation. 

Plan Ahead

Of course, before you plan your trip, you want to make sure that your dog is welcome to come with you. If searching on vacation websites like AirBnb or VRBO, be sure to check the box for pet-friendly stays so that your options are limited to only places that are okay with your pup being there. Some campsites might have rules about pets as well, so be sure to do the research before choosing a campsite. Some places might charge you a pet fee, so be sure to look that up ahead of time. Hotels often charge you that fee at check-in, while vacation rental websites vary on if and how they might charge a pet fee. Just be sure to read their rules and inform them that you will be bringing a dog!

Pack an Emergency Kit

Whether you're going somewhere urban or somewhere rural, you should be prepared for any and every kind of doggy emergency. Pack an essential kit of doggy first aid items, extra doggy bags, extra food, bottled water, and anything else your dog might need. All of this is helpful, because even if it's easy to get to a store or a vet where you're located, it'll help give you peace of mind to know that you have much of what you already need. 

Increase Potty Breaks

Since your dog has a routine at home, they might be thrown off in a new environment. Be sure to take them out for potty breaks more often than usual in order to help them adjust to the new environment and to prevent an accident inside a hotel room or rented house. If you're going on a long road trip, stop for potty breaks often on the road as well.  

Include Them

If you decide to bring your pup on vacation with you, make sure that you include them in on your plans! Your dog would be a little sad if you left them alone in a strange place to gallivant around, so try to include them. If you're going to a remote location or somewhere in nature, take them for walks with you! And if you're going to a city or urban environment, try to stick to pet-friendly locations so that they can join you.

Have Fun!

And of course, have fun! 2020 has been quite the year so far, and you and your pup deserve rest, relaxation, and fun.

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Jenna Gomes