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Spooky Dog-Themed Movies for the Halloween Season

October is just around the corner, and you know what means - Halloween! Whether you're a lover of Halloween, of scary movies, or just a lover of a dogs, you'll love hiding under your blankie for these creepy movies.

Cujo (1983)

An obvious; and a classic. Cujo will make you feel scared and sad and tense all at the same time. It follows the story of a mother and her toddler who became stranded in their car targeted by a St. Bernard with rabies. Warning - you will feel both scared and sad about the dog. But don't worry, there's (mostly) a happy ending. The same can't be said for the book, though. At least Stephen King has always welcomed changes to his book's film adaptations!

Frakenweenie (2012)

This cartoon movie is spooky and adorable! If you're looking for a creepy movie that is family-friendly, this is the one! The story follows the young Victor Frankenstein as he deals with the tragedy of losing his best friend - his dog. But, with the help of his science teacher, Victor brings his pup back in a whole new way! It's sad, adorable, heartwarming, and perfect for the Halloween season. 

Crawl (2019)

While this movie isn't about dogs, it has an adorable dog friend who, don't worry - does not die in the end! While spoilers aren't always welcome, knowing that the dog lives is kind of an important part of enjoying this movie. This movie takes place in Florida during a hurricane. A young woman attempts to rescue her dad and his dog from the house but - SURPRISE - there are crocodiles. Like, everywhere. It's a little cheesy, really intense, and has a pretty good ending that includes our perfect little puppy character living proudly on. 

The Pack (1977)

Ready for a classic 70s horror movie? The Pack is just that. It follows a family that moves to Seal Island, a popular destination for summer tourists. It also, sadly, is a popular destination for dumping your dog, which many of the tourists did over the years. The dogs, in order to fend for themselves, formed a feral pack. Set off one day, they go on a brutal attack. The movie is creepy, scary, and honestly, however exaggerated it is - has the perfect message. DON'T ABANDON YOUR PETS, YA COWARDS!

The Voices (2014)

If you like your horror with a side of comedy, this flick starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick is perfect for you. Ryan Reynolds plays a man who is stuck with a devil and an angel on his shoulder, except that devil and angel are his cat and dog. Shocked that they being conversing with him, he must decide whether to follow his cat's advice and become a killer, or follow his dog's advice and continue on with his boring life. Please don't be offended by the cat and dog stereotypes in this movie - there are plenty!


No matter which movie you choose, make sure that your dog is close by so they can give you a snuggle any time you get scared!

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Jenna Gomes