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Do Doggy DNA Tests Really Work?

If you have a mutt or adopted your dog, then you probably aren't sure where they came from. If you've recently done a DNA test for yourself or for family members, then you might be curious about your dog's DNA, too. But do they really work? Here's are some of the most popular doggy DNA tests and how well they work.


Embark is one of the most expensive options, but it's also because it's the most thorough. This test (which requires that you swab your dog's gums three different times), tests for 250 different dog breeds, and has 100 times more genetic information. This makes the test more accurate than others. 

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel tests for over 350 breeds, and tests 99% of AKC's recognized breeds. You'll get these results quicker than most other tests (2 - 3 weeks) and breaks down your dog's DNA in a pie-chart. This test, like Embark, is relatively accurate when it comes to breaking down your pup's DNA.

HomeDNA Orviet Dog DNA Tests

HomeDNA has a large database of doggy DNA and compares your dog with over 235 different breeds. The results prove to be relatively accurate, though the results can take up to a month of longer to get back to you. 

DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog is less expensive than other tests, but you won't get as much accuracy and variety due to it. There are only 96 breeds covered i this database, which means that your dog's results might not be entirely accurate. There's also been specific customer reviews that results tend to be delayed as well as inaccurate. 

Pet Confirm

This DNA test will get you the results in under two weeks, and it's one of the most affordable tests on the market. However, there are only 96 breeds in their database, which might mean that your dog's breeds might not even be in the database.

If you decide to order a DNA kit for your dog, the best thing to do is read reviews and find the price and accuracy that's right for you and your pup.

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Jenna Gomes