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Fun Dog-Themed Board Games

One of the best ways to have fun on a night in? A game night! While your dog might not be able to play with you, they'll still have plenty of fun hearing you have fun. Here are some fun dog-themed board games to order for the next game night:

Dingo's Dreams

This one is easy enough for kids age 8 and up to learn, but still fun for adults. This game is a tile-game, similar to something like Labyrinth. In this game, you play as an animal (the dingo being the main animal!) and you must flip over tiles in a strategic manner to help them find their way home. It's like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey... kind of?


The cleverly-named game is perfect for the whole family. It's for ages 8 and up and is centered around the grand adventure of being a dog owner. The great thing about this game is that it helps to teach everyone real-life skills for caring for your pup. It's the perfect thing to play with kids to remind them of the responsibility a dog owner holds. 


Tired of breaking out the standard Monopoly? Then go for Dog-Opoly! It has all the fun of the classic board game with the addition of dogs. Instead of collecting real estate like you are in Monopoly, Dog-Opoly is all about collecting as many dogs as you can. For dog-lovers, that's much more exciting!

Lucky Dogs 

This dice game is a cooperative game - meaning everyone's on the same team! Ages 6 and up can learn this with a little help. The goal for the team is to match their dice with the number of bones on the tile cards in front of them. Once a tile is filled with its matching dice, it gets flipped over! At the end, once all the tiles are flipped, they'll spell out "Lucky Dogs."


This is a card game, not a board game, but it's just as fun! This is for those who like their games fast-paced, which might be a lot of fun for kids. All of the cards in this game feature a dog. All the dogs vary in size, color, and the things they're wearing. Your goal on each round is to pick up a card that has at least one different attribute than the previous card you picked up. Due to this goal, a frenzy ensues every time new cards are put down!

Just For the Kids: Soggy Doggy

Looking for a game that's for younger kids? Soggy Doggy is just that! Every time they land on a "faucet" space, the dog gets closer to shaking. If the player gets wet, they have to start from the beginning! Just a warning: play this game somewhere that's easy to clean up all the water that might come from it. Kids' games are messy!

Check out these games and be sure to give your dog some separate play time, too, so they don't feel left out!


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Jenna Gomes