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How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

Keeping your dog clean is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy! And while regular baths help, you should also clean your dog's ears on a regular basis. This is especially important for dogs with long or droopy ears, like hounds and spaniels. Here are some tips on how to clean your dog's ears painlessly and easily.

What Should I Use?

You can use a number of things to clean your dog's ears, but it's best to have the following things on hand:

  • Ear Wipes - These are doggy-safe wipes that you can use on your pup's ears. Be sure that they're meant for your dog and that they're non-toxic.
  • Ear Cleanser - Just like doggy wipes, using an ear cleanser can help keep your pup's ear clean, but make sure that it is meant for your dog.
  • Cotton Balls/Pads - If you don't get ear wipes, you can pair cotton balls or cotton pads with an ear cleanser to get the same effect. 
  • Tweezers - You might not need these, but you will if your dog has a lot of hair in their ears.

What Should I Do?

  • Have Your Pup Sit - The first thing you need to do is have your dog sit down with you or lay down. Work on getting them relaxed, as the less tense they are, the better. 
  • Reward Them - Throughout the ear cleaning process, reward your dog with praises and treats. Giving them snacks along the way will encourage them to feel relaxed and happy and they'll view ear cleaning as less of a punishment.
  • Flip Their Ear Back - Gently flip your pup's ear back (so that it looks "inside out") to expose the interior of your dog's ear and their ear canal. 
  • Fill Your Dog's Ear with Cleaning Solution - Now, carefully fill your dog's ear canal with cleaning solution. Then, massage the base of your dog's ear for 20 seconds to help work the solution into their ear. As you can imagine, it will feel weird to them, so allow them to shake a bit (the solution might spray everywhere, so be prepared!). 
  • Wipe Your Dog's Ear - Either use ear wipes or a cotton ball to wipe the interior of your dog's ear. Be gentle - their ears are just as sensitive as ours! Wipe down the ear canal and outer ear to make sure all the nooks and crannies are clean and free of ear wax. 

And now you're done! The most important part is to reward your pup, pet them, and celebrate their clean ears once their ears are all clean! 

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Jenna Gomes