August 31, 2018

Mastering the Art of Aging... with Pets!

Aging can be hard. It's something we all have to go through, and unfortunately, it can be trying. However, Creative Arts Therapist Alissa Zemering has dedicated an entire website, Mastering the Art of Aging, to helping everyone not only get through aging, but enjoy it. And of course, what is one of the best ways to enjoy aging? Alongside a furry companion!

The website references the Hierarchy of Needs. After Physiological Needs and Safety Needs are met, Love and Belonging Needs are next. A great way to meet (and exceed) these needs is to have a companion by your side. And who makes the best companions besides loving dogs? Senior dogs are often well-trained, relaxed, and less active, making them the perfect fit for someone going through the aging process.

As someone with over ten years of experience in the healthcare field (specifically in nursing care and memory care), Alissa Zemering knows what it takes to make the best out of life - and has developed her website accordingly. Mastering the Art of Aging will help its visitors navigate the aging process. On the website, you will be able to find access to multiple services that can help you or loved ones, as well as products that can make yours or their lives easier.

If you explore the "Animal Services" section, you'll find services that will help older pet owners give their pup the best life they can have, too! In this section, you'll find an area to buy pet products, from Fresh Patch to the Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera. You can also find access to services like Peaceful Dog Training by Michael Smith. As you return to the site in the future, you'll find that even more services will become available. 

Mastering the Art of Aging is one of the only websites that gives expert tips that are "essential to living your best life". Check out the website here.

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On July 6, 2010, the Fresh Patch Company began operating from its headquarters in Florida. Its flagship product is a disposable pet commode consisting of hydroponically grown grass within a cardboard container. On September 3, 2013, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for the construction and continuous delivery/replacement method of the product (U.S. Patent No. 8,522,719).

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