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September Dog Holidays

It's officially September and that means a lot of things - back to school, the beginning of fall, and plenty of doggy holidays. Check out what you can celebrate with your pup this month. 

National Disaster Preparedness Month

This holiday isn't just for pets - and it's appropriate for this month considering the havoc that Hurricane Harvey and Irma have reeked, as well as the incoming risks associated with Jose and Katia. September is deemed National Disaster Preparedness Month in order to raise awareness about how to prepare for a disaster (natural or otherwise). One important thing to remember? Your pets! Make sure you have a safe place to take your pets when disaster strikes. Include them in your count for water and food, and make sure that wherever you go to escape storms, they are right next to you. 

National Deaf Dog Awareness Week - September 24th - 30th 

Deaf Dog Awareness Week is always celebrated during the last week of September. This week honors some pups we don't talk about too much - the pups who can't hear! While dogs mainly use their sniffers, they still need their other senses. Hearing is an important sense because it helps your pup hear you, other dogs, and the world around them. Deaf dogs require some special attention, but who doesn't love giving dogs extra attention? Petfinder helps celebrate this week by promoting the adoption of deaf dogs and giving tips on adopting deaf dogs.

National Dog Week - September 24th - 30th 

The last full week in September is home to a couple different dog holidays, including one of our favorites - National Dog Week! This week was first founded way back in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, dog judge and publisher of Dog World Magazine. You can celebrate National Dog Week with your pup by making it all about them. Take some time out of your week to take a special trip to a dog park or hiking. Buy them their favorite treat or even a new toy. Oh yeah, and take about 8000 pictures of them for Instagram. (Seriously, do your fellow Instagrammers ever get tired of seeing pictures of your dog?)

Celebrate September the dog way!

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