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The Pawfect Dog Movies to Marathon While Self-Isolating

If you're doing your part to stay home and help keep everyone safe during COVID-19, good for you! That's exactly what we should be doing. However, we all know that we can get a little bit antsy while staying inside. Along with our tips for indoor activities and fun ways to socially distance with your pup, here is a list of dog movies you can marathon while you're inside! 

Oliver & Company - Find it on Disney Plus

Rating: G

If you love Disney cartoons, Oliver! the musical, Charles Dickens, Billy Joel, or all of the above, Oliver & Company is the perfect way to start out your dog movie marathon. This feel-good movie isn't only for kids; adults can enjoy it, too! It tells the story of a group of stray dogs that help an orphaned kitten navigate the streets of New York City, inspired by Charles Dickens's famous novel, Oliver Twist

Megan Leavey - Find it on Hulu

Rating: PG-13

After the adorable antics of Oliver and his gang, grab a box of tissues for a movie that covers the captivating true story of Megan Leavey, a Marine Corporal who took on hundreds of risky missions in Iraq with her combat, Rex, by her side for every one. While there are scary and sad moments in this film, it will remind you of the importance of the bond between canine and human comrades, in and out of war. 

Patrick - Find it on Netflix

Rating: PG

If you need a lighter movie to follow up with, or you're going into a second day of your marathon, Patrick is a great movie to watch after Megan Leavey. This goofy, feel-good movie follows a teacher who inherits her grandmother's troublesome pug, Patrick. It's funny but meaningful, reminding us that family matters, and our family's pets matter, too. 

White Fang - Find it on Hulu

Rating: PG

You can end your movie marathon on this adventurous film featuring Ethan Hawke. It's a film from 1991, so it has that nostalgic, grainy quality about it while still telling a captivating story based off of the Jack London story of the same name. While there's lots of ups and downs in this movie, watching the characters heal an abused wolf/dog hybrid back to health is nothing short of inspiring. Just don't, you know, try it on your own. 

So, what are you waiting for? Cuddle up with your pup on the couch, grab some popcorn, and stay healthy while getting your doggy fix. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes